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Euro-top Upholstery Layer Coil-on-coil Mattress

As a respected manufacturer of mattresses, we have come out with many innovative futons or mattresses that are the measure of quality, comfort and value by which all others are judged. Our revolutionary Euro-Top Upholstery Layer Coil-on Coil is a case in point. First, we engineered our exclusive and very competent innerspring unit to provide firm, restful support like the best conventional beds, then we added pure-blended cotton batting, four layers of high-quality super soft foam, and all the features that make a Euro Upholstery a great bed to sleep on.Our new high performance coil construction provides the same durability that is traditionally associated with with sound un interrupted sleep. This soothing fabric is super lightweight yet silky and soft. It adds a comforting touch to the sleeping experience
The Euro Top Mattress with coil on coil System has been crafted for the sleeper looking for an extra-cushioned sleep surface. A layer of convoluted foam in the pillow top, a layer of super soft foam, and double layers of extra thick foam and Visco in the upholstery make this the plushest of the classic beds. Each coil is power packed and wrapped individually to offer excellent support and motion separation so sleeper is at once transported into un impaired sleep. Two rows of power packed coils in the lumbar area provide the added support of coil-within-coil technology. This mattress is also gilt framed for greater edge support.


Main Features:


  • No flip construction
  • Dual Action coils
  • Two rows of firm coils on sides of bed for firmer edge support
  • Strong edge support
  • Come in different sizes.

Polyurethane Comfort Layer Mattress

Polyurethane is an incredibly resilient, flexible, and durable man made material that can take the place of paint, cotton, fibre rubber, metal, and wood in thousands of applications across all fields. Polyurethane might be hard, like fiberglass, squishy like upholstery foam, protective like varnish, bouncy like rubber wheels, or sticky like glue. Since its invention in the 40s, polyurethane has been used in everything from baby toys to airplane wings,to beddings and continues to be adapted for contemporary technology.
Some polyurethane is categorized as an elastomer. It has elastic properties while maintaining some rigidity, which can absorb shock but don't compress too much. It can be extremely flexible when used as a foam insulator in a foam mattress/cushion in upholstery. It can be deformed over and over and still maintain its original shape; in other words, it has a structural memory. Thanks to the elastomer quality or Poly Urethane Comfort Layer Mattress has a long life. It does not sag easily and does not leave any body impression on the mattresses. Our mattresses ensure dream less deep sleep, making one face the world with enthusiasm the morning after.


Main Feature:


  • Anti corrosion
  • Anti-fading
  • Anti rot
  • Moisture resistant
  • Heat resistant

Adjustable Soft Pillow

The adjustable pillow is a great addition to our existing range of pillows. An all-purpose adjustable pillow that provides clearer breathing patterns and less facial pressure. It is designed to encourage side sleeping, good posture and quality sleep. Adjustable Pillow promotes a healthy position to maintain the natural curvature of the neck during sleeping, alleviating pain in neck, shoulder and back areas. Also, the Air Core Adjustable Pillow relieves pain and dull annoyances caused by headaches and arthritis. You'll experience the benefits of a correct sleeping posture.

Adjustable Pillow lets you adjust the softness of the pillow from very soft to medium, firm, or thick. The adjustable pillow lets you personalize your pillow for your unique requirements, making it perfectly fit your body and comfort. Adjustable Pillow is created to hold your head and bring complete comfort and support. When you sleep on your back using this pillow, your head will maintain a proper position with correct neck alignment.

Made for back or side sleepers, our pillows are so soft that you are going to love resting on it each and every night.

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