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Bath Towels

Designed by our team of skilled weavers, our range of bath towels is manufactured in tune with the latest market trends. These towels are available in a variety of colors and patterns. Manufactured using high quality fabric, these bath towels are in great demand in both the domestic and the overseas markets. Consumers ask for our bath towels as they have color fastness and shrink resistance, and are also easy to maintain.

Pool Towels

Durability, softness and high absorbency are qualities which one looks for in pool towels. And our pool towels have all these qualities. In addition, our towels are in bright, vibrant colors, and have interesting patterns printed or woven into them, reflecting youthfulness, fun and energy. We count several hotels, resorts and other establishments with pools, among our valued customers.

Hand Towels

Made with extremely soft fabrics, our range of hand towels is designed to assure cleanliness as well as comfort to the hands. These towels are available in different colors and styles. We offer a wide range of plain as well as designer hand towels. These towels can be made in different designs and fabrics based on the needs of the customers. They are made in such a way that even people with extremely delicate skin can use them comfortably. Hand towels are used to square away dirt from one's hands. Our hand towels are especially manufactured for this purpose and fulfill all the requirements of cleanliness. The option of bulk buying is also available, for which delivery on time is assured.

Face Towels

We offer superior quality terry face towels which are very soft and absorbent. These towels are available in a wide range of colors, patterns and sizes, and they are highly durable . We use high grade terry cloth to produce towels which are gentle on the skin.

Bath Mat

After a pleasant, refreshing bath, nothing beats the feel of a soft bath mat under one's bare feet. But choosing a bath mat is not about a beautiful design and the right price alone. Safety is by far the most important factor. Washable cotton mats don't slip, unlike synthetic material. And they give the bathroom a clean look. That is why we have made bath mats from cotton fabric, for better absorbency of water. Frequent washing is necessary, as the mats become breeding grounds for bacteria. Different color and shade options, from light to bright, and different patterns to match the surroundings, are available. All our mats are easy to maintain and are durable. They are available in a range of prices, sizes and textures.

Pillow Fabric

While picking the fabric for pillow covers you will have to look at it from two angles. One from the decorative side and other from the comfort side. If you need pillow cover for resting couch or lounge chair then go with cotton but on the other hand if you want to place it in the living room or close to the entrance of your home then satin, silk pillow cover or velvet pillow covers will work better than anything. Wholesale pillow covers suppliers and manufacturers keep all these categories along with other.


  • Silk Pillow Cover

  • Cotton Pillow Cover

  • Wool Pillow Cover

  • Egyptian Cotton Pillow Cover

  • Satin Pillow Cover

  • Velvet Pillow Cover

Pillow Designs

The four corners of the pillow covers are the perfect place to add some pizazz and decorative stitching. The terrific ideas to embellish the look of the pillow covers are embroidery, applique, and hemstitched lace. After the pillow cover is decorated and assembled it is buttoned in place on the pillow, a great way to soften the look or color of any pillow.


  • Decorative Pillow Cover

  • Beaded Pillow Covers

  • Lace Pillow Covers

  • Printed Pillows Covers

  • Embossed Pillow Covers

  • Hand Embroidered Pillow Covers

  • Machine Embroidered Pillow Covers

  • Quilted Pillow Covers

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