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Bed Base With Head Rest And Foot Rest

We offer a wide range of bed base with head rest and foot rest which is available in various designs, sizes and finishes. These are provided in the two different types such as upholstered platform bed and box-spring-bed. Our products are reckoned for their longer service life, optimum quality and reasonable prices.

Headrest and bed rail:

  • Headrest variations are upholstered type

  • Steel powder coated type and brass type

  • Bed-rail with brackets for headrest are also available.

  • Footrests can be provided too.

Upholstered Beds

Upholstered is the fully furnished seats with padding springs webbing and fabric or leather covering. Upholstered beds has its frame and springs, cushions and padding to make more comfortable and easy.. Seat cushions are on top of the spring system and seat deck. Back pillows, rest against the back and arms of the piece.

An upholstered bed is any bed frame that doesn't show its wooden or metal frame. Although the bed frame itself is still made from metal or wood, it is upholstered with a fabric that could leather, cotton with padded foam, vinyl, or any other fabric you can think of. We have all styles of beds are also numerous, from a divan to a couch that folds out to a bed

Head Rest

The head rest are always on the top of the seat and they are cushioned for comfort and to rest back. Headrest variations are upholstered type, steel powder coated type and brass type. Bed-rail with brackets for headrests are also available. These headrests have tall headboard along with the foot board. The soft head are of a great support when propped up and also detachable.

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