Bonnel Spring Mattress

Bonnell Spring Mattress

Complete Nidra Sleep System

We spend about eight hours a day sleeping – undoubtedly a substantial portion of our lives! Naturally, the ambiance of the bedroom and the type of the sleeping system which we use play an important in the quality of sleep which we get. If we are not quite refreshed on getting up, and there are no other disturbing factors, then it is time to give the sleeping system a close look. 'Nidra Sleep System' has been meticulously designed to take care of even the smallest detail which could affect one's comfortable rest. While the mattress is the largest single component, pillows and bed linen have been given due attention.

With our variety of styles and construction methods, we have a mattress to suit every individual's taste and requirements. Among the choices available are Bonnel spring type, LFK Spring type, Pocket Spring type, tight-rope type, and many more. All these are available with different upholstery layer combinations. Standard thicknesses are 5 in., 6 in., 8 in., 10 in., 12 in., and 14 in. Different sizes and shapes are on offer. Customization is an option. The mattress is undoubtedly the key aspect of the sleep system. But we would like to stress that a Nidra Sleep System consists of various other products:
The pillow has to be good for comfortable rest. There are several choices here. Pillow covers, the duvet, the duvet cover, the bed sheet, the mattress protector, the mattress topper, the bed foundation and the headrest & bed rail, all these have been designed and fabricated in matching combinations, to suit the mattress which has been selected.

Our standard products generally meet the requirements of most of our customers. In the unlikely event that what is available doesn't quite meet a client's needs, we will be delighted to design a product or system for specific requirements and budgets. The Nidra Sleep System has many happy users in residences, luxury hotels, guest houses and other places. All our customers are immensely satisfied with our products and our service. The attached PDF File serves as a guide in the selection of a Nidra Sleep System to match specific needs. With detailed explanations and beautiful illustrations, it helps to educate the buyer.

Tight Top Quilted

Tight Top Deep Quilted

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